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hollow v solid abdominal organs

Assessing the Abdomen EMSWorld.com

31 Jan 2011 The abdomen contains both solid and hollow organs. The solid organs are the liver, spleen, kidneys, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries and uterus.

Trauma Survivors Network Abdominal Injuries

Physical injury to the abdominal organs can occur from blunt (car accidents, falls, contains many vital organs which can be described as either hollow or solid.

Anatomy Review Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick

Chapter 5: The Human Body. Abdominal Cavity Hollow Organs. Abdominal Cavity Solid Organs. Perfusion. Pulse. The Arm. The Brain. The Endocrine System.

Solid viscus injury predicts major hollow viscus injury in blunt

Solid viscus injury predicts major hollow viscus injury in blunt abdominal trauma. 96) suffered a concomitant hollow viscus injury (p < 0.001 vs. one organ).

Basic Functions of Abdominal Organs The EMT Spot

16 Jun 2009 Here's a list of all those abdominal organs for your review. The spleen is a solid organ tucked up against the diaphragm in the upper left Positioned in the mid- epigastrium, the stomach is a J-shaped hollow organ that

Chapter 24 Abdomen Injuries Jones Bartlett Learning

4-8.18 Explain the pathophysiology of hollow organ injuries. .V. Pathophysiology .Solid. – Hollow. – Vascular. Slide 12. Abdominal Organs (2 of 4). Slide 13.

The Solid and Hollow Organs of the Abdomen

Large intestine. The Solid and Hollow Organs of the Abdomen. [object Object]. hint. Fallopian tubes. Uterus. Appendix. Bile duct. Gallbladder. Ureter. Stomach.

Solid organ injuries following abdominal trauma SlideShare

14 May 2014 Predominance Solid organ abdominal injuries. intraluminal pressure by abdominal compression accurately in hollow organs can lead to Duber C, et al : Sonography versus peritoneal lavage in blunt abdominal trauma.

Abdominal trauma Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Solid abdominal organs, such as the liver and kidneys, bleed profusely when cut or torn, as do major blood vessels such as the aorta and vena cava. Hollow

Assessing Abdominal Pain Journal of Emergency Medical Services

In the abdomen, there are solid organs and hollow organs, all of which can bleed or swell. As a medical provider, you must have a working knowledge of


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